Initial Assessment

Appointments can be made either by calling directly, or sending an email through expressing your interest, and we will be in touch with you. A referral from a doctor or health professional is not required (unless you are seeking treatment under an Enhanced Primary Care Plan from your GP). However, providing any information, reports or assessments regarding the individual is extremely helpful, as it allows us to best suit the needs of the individual.


You may be provided with a brief information sheet to complete prior to the initial appointment which provides a brief background about you. This allows us to plan ahead and make any necessary adjustments for your initial appointment. If necessary, a 'preparation card' can be provided prior to ease any anxiety about a new environment, person, or activity etc.


The first session will focus on collaborating with the individual and their family, to formulate a plan to work toward the desired outcomes and goals. Some physical assessments or observation may take place during the first session. 


Achieving Abilities offer one-on-one exercise sessions as either 30, 45 or 60 minute appointments depending on the individual needs, capability and age of the individual.

The subsequent session will be specific to the needs, goals and ability of the individual, identified in the initial assessment. Often some exercises to be completed at home between sessions will be provided to improve outcomes.  The specifics of a subsequent session will vary between individuals, and this can be explained to you at your initial assessment.

These appointments are typically conducted in clinic, but home and school visits can be arranged where necessary.

Appointments may be offered as aquatic exercise sessions where appropriate.

One-on-one subsequent appointment

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Exercise Physiologist for Kids

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