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Group Exercise Physiology options

Starting early 2023, our group sessions have been designed based on the feedback of clients and their families, to match what they'd like, and what they need.

Our group class sizes are small, to ensure that we are able to cater for individual needs and make modifications to make sure it is inclusive of all abilities, including physical disability.

Building Blocks

Focusing on building the foundational physical strength required for gross and fine motor skill development.

Ideal for those needing to improve core control, postural strength and balance, or have low muscle tone impacting their motor development.

Exercises can be modified or progressed to suit individual needs.


Gym Fit*

Participants attend supervised gym and work through an individualised gym program based on their goals and ability. Opportunity to interact with others throughout the session and make friends. Suitable for those who have been attending 1:1 and looking to increase their independence, want to add another session in a week, or increasing social interaction. Participant's do require a certain level of autonomy with their program, however, an Exercise Physiologist will always be present. 



A circuit style class with a group warm up and cool down. Think more of your classic 'gym class'. A variety of exercises and stations completed within each session to ensure variety. More of an 'all-rounder' type of class, and not as individualised.

Exercises can be modified or progressed to suit individual needs. Suitable for those who don't like to do the same thing every week, or attending a mainstream group class may be a challenge for various reasons. 


The Fundamentals

Working on fundamental gross motor skills (i.e run, jump, hop, throw, catch etc) that underpin sport skills and more complex movements

Runs during school term.


Our classes can be modified to suit the range of needs and abilities of group attendees. Some groups will require an assessment before joining if you are new to Achieving Abilities. This is so we can tailor it to your individual goals, and baseline measures.


*also offered as an Autism-specific group for older teens/young adult with emphasis on social interaction

Achieving Abilities launched in June 201
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