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P.E Support at school

Achieving Abilities launched in June 201

In addition to regular school appointments, we offer support in P.E lessons.

Support in P.E lessons may include:
- helping staff with ideas to modify or adapt elements to support your participation
- work with you closely during the lesson to give you some extra support on skill development, or understanding the rules to ensure your inclusion and participation.
- we may do our own “lesson” independently to develop a skill and confidence before joining in with everyone else
- a combination of these approaches!


We  know having support during P.E isn’t appealing to all kids, so we can also work on skills in-line with your P.E. curriculum during regular Exercise Physiology appointments to build ability and confidence to participate.

We don’t expect P.E to be everyone’s favourite subject, but P.E should be a positive experience, not one where you have to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else, feel inadequate, or not as good as everyone else.

Negative experiences and associations with P.E at school can impact life-long physical activity and exercise engagement, as well as self-confidence, so it’s important it isn’t overlooked!

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