Lauren McDougall

Director & Accredited Exercise Physiologist



Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (University of South Australia)

Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies (Flinders University).

Lauren is also a lecturer and course coordinator at the University of South Australia, and supervises final year Exercise Physiology placement students, and is an industry honours project supervisor. Lauren is on the ESSA State advisory board for Paediatrics, and is a committee member with Developmental Coordination Disorder Australia. She also consults at Danny's Place, a multi-disciplinary weight management clinic for children and adolescents. 

"I think movement is a bit like magic, and the benefits flow into all aspects of our lives. People often associate the benefits of exercise as having a healthy heart and lungs and strong bones, but movement can do so much more than that.

It can make you feel better physically and mentally. It can make you feel strong and empowered. It can make you feel accomplished, and confident. It can make day to day tasks feel easier, or even just make them doable.

My favourite part of being an Exercise Physiologist is not only seeing the physical improvement, it’s actually seeing the change in their confidence as they do things they didn’t think they could, improvements in physical independence no matter how big or small, and hearing stories about the benefits of regular movement translating into day to day life from better physical capacity, to improved self-confidence and willingness to try new things, improved mental well-being, forming new friendships or strengthening through various forms of participation.

And of course all the laughs and smiles in each session, because fun is part of the magic.

Movement is important for everyone, but it’s not always easy for everyone, so it’s about finding what works."


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