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Physical strength, and physical capacity

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Physical strength has a different meaning to everyone. Our physical capacity, plays a significant role in how well we can perform ALL our daily activities and leisurely pursuits. We shape our daily tasks and participation around what we think we can accomplish within our capacity.

Often our physical capacities are influenced by other factors, and although some of these factors are out of our control, or difficult to change, you can work on improving, or at least maintaining, your strength.

For some, physical strength might mean:

  • How well you move, or your ability to adapt and thrive in your environment, whatever that might be.

  • Being able to move independently around the home or in the community.

  • Being able to spend recess and lunch in their walker rather than wheelchair.

  • Being able to play sport, or keep up with peers.

  • Being able to walk for 5 steps, 5 metres, 5mins etc without getting tired.

  • Being able to lift boxes at work, or complete packaging tasks.

  • Being able to push, pull or lift a heavy load at the gym.

  • Complete a specific task within a certain amount of time (e.g walk across the school yard, or University campus).

Achieving Abilities can hep children and young people develop their physical strength, physical capacity and confidence to participate in daily activities, hobbies, and equip them with the physical skills to try new things.

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