What is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist?

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) is an Allied Health provider, who has completed a 4-year University degree. AEP’s specialise in exercise therapy and lifestyle interventions for individuals with existing chronic or complex medical conditions. 

AEP's are referred to when working with individuals that have specific medical conditions and/or disabilities, or are at significant risk of developing medical conditions, where exercise and healthy behavioural changes are required as part of their management or prevention.


Each person has individual traits and complexities requiring exercise that is not only fun, but is specific to their needs. The exercise therapy needs to suitably address the precautions and benefits associated with the condition or presentation of the individual, as well as individual barriers and facilitators to exercise participation and physical activity.  An AEP understands the physiological side of chronic conditions and disability, and the physiological impact exercise can have, and know how to tailor it to fit within the precautions of a condition. It is important to remember too that children and teenagers will have a different physiological response to exercise than adults, so for young people with a chronic health condition, seeing an AEP for safe exercise recommendations is important. 


AEP’s can assess the current physical capacity of the individual, as well as their needs and capabilities, and use this information to develop an exercise regime to meet the individual needs and goals of the individual and their family. An AEP can liaise with doctors and other health professionals to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

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