Our daughter struggles with medical conditions including hypotonia and finds exercise to be a challenge. Lauren's unwavering patience, persistence and calm manner has been  instrumental in helping our daughter to persevere and learn ways to exercise at her own pace and in her own time. Thank you Lauren for your dedication and support!

"I’ve had previous experiences with other physios and allied health professionals not listening or understanding my overlapping conditions or the impact of disability. So I was skeptical, but working with Lauren at Achieving Abilities has changed my thoughts on exercise physiology and I feel like I’m making some real improvements. She is very receptive, gentle, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend."

"Since engaging Lauren as my son's exercise physiologist, he has made a number of improvements. The first improvement I noticed was his confidence. He started the sessions by refusing to participate in a number of activities and chose to sit down as often as he could. Moving forward 6 months and his weekly visits are a real highlight. He now participates in a number of activities over his 30min.sessions and with the aid of his personally selected playlist's he has worked up a real sweat on many occasions. Other benefits I have noticed have been the speed and enthusiasm he now brings to his routine. He has also improved his time keeping making sure he participates for the 30min exactly."

"Lauren offers a valuable service to my son, he has grown in body confidence and strength"

"Lauren is a true professional with a caring heart. She responds quickly, does what she promises and follows up always. In a short time she is already making a difference to my sons health and well being."