Privacy Policy

1. What information do we gather, and why?


Achieving Abilities collect a detailed amount of personal information. The primary purpose for this is to ensure the appropriate delivery of services.


Achieving Abilities may require information regarding the following:

  • Any current medical diagnoses

  • Communication ability

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Personal interests

  • Information related to development

  • Relevant medical history and any other health problems that may impact their ability to safely exercise

  • Any other information related to the safety of the individual

  • Contact details of parent/guardian, and/or emergency contact

  • Financial information required for billing and/or rebate


We require a high level of detail to provide safe and appropriate exercise therapy services; therefore, in some instances we may require information that is not listed here, but is still protected by our Privacy Policy.


All information is stored digitally in secured practice management software.



2. When is information collected?

The collection of personal information takes place in the following ways:

  • From information provided to us on the Patient Information Form completed prior to the initial appointment. Follow up information is collected during the initial assessment.

  • During sessions, the initial and any subsequent sessions, staff will collect, and document, further information as necessary, or as it is presented to us.

  • Personal information may also be collected, and documented, from the parent or guardian, or from other treating health care providers through referral forms, and/or progress updates.


3. Who has access to this information?

Achieving Abilities’ Privacy Policy applies to all staff, and across all locations at which our services are provided.



4. Disclosure of Information

  • Achieving Abilities only use the personal information provided for the sole purpose of providing safe and individualised exercise therapy.

  • Achieving Abilities only use relevant financial information for claims and payments.

  • Any disclosure of personal information to other treating health and medical professionals will require client, or parent/guardian consent, before the information is disclosed.

  • Achieving Abilities may be approached by third parties, such as Exercise Sport Science Australia, for accreditation auditing purposes. Third parties are required to abide by the Privacy Policy. Achieving Abilities will always inform the client, and/or parent-guardian of the purpose of the requested disclosure, and will gain full informed consent prior to disclosing any information.



5. Exceptions to disclosure of patient information without consent

There are certain situations where Achieving Abilities may be required to disclose patient information without consent. These exceptions include:

  • Where required by law.

  • Where required to prevent or lessen a serious threat to an individuals health, safety or life, or public health or safety, or where obtaining the client or parent-guardian’s consent is impractical. 

  • Where the disclosure of information may help locate a missing person.

  • Where information is required by Achieving Abilities to establish, defend or exercise an equitable or legal claim.

  • Where information is required by Achieving Abilities for the purpose of a dispute resolution.

  • Where any signs of abuse or neglect to a child, or person with a disability, have been identified.

  • Where a medical presentation or symptoms require mandatory notification, or where there is a statutory requirement to disclose information.

If you have any questions, or concerns, about Achieving Abilities’ Privacy Policy, or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.